Free Things to Do in Miami Beach

Leave your wallet in the hotel. It’s possible to have a blast in Miami Beach without spending a penny.

Sanford L. Ziff Jewish Museum – Chat to the staff or curator and gain an insight into the fascinating collections exhibited at this museum.

Miami Beach Convention Center – When you’re ready to get cultured, stop by and enjoy the creativity on show.

Scott Rakow Youth Center – Let the kids have a good time or be a big kid again yourself — this place just oozes fun.

Miami Beach City Hall – Architecture expert or not, you’re certain to be awed by this landmark’s modern-day design.

Espanola Way and Washington Avenue – Stay a while in this bustling area and imagine life as a local resident.

Miami Beach Latin Chamber of Commerce – Flick through your guidebook and learn why this place is worth adding to your itinerary.

Temple Emanu El – Do a little quiet contemplation and find out a thing or two about this site’s spiritual importance.

Lummus Park Beach – Skip rocks across the water’s surface, watch the sunset or simply take in the views from the foreshore.

New World Symphony Park – Cultivate your green thumb and marvel at the many and varied plants on show.

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